Customs clearance. EPI

The company “Karsula” is ready to offer the clients a full complex of services for unimpeded passing of customs registration and delivery of necessary documents meeting the requirements of Customs. Our experts will competently and promptly perform all necessary customs procedures, significantly reducing your time and material costs.

Today the company “Karsula” provides the following services in customs clearance of goods from Europe, Scandinavia and The CIS:

  1. customs clearance of imported goods;
  2. providing the information on the rates of customs duties;
  3. expert consultation on all thematic issues connected with the customs legislation or foreign economic activity;
  4. servicing of foreign economic transactions;
  5. optimization of the procedures of customs clearance;
  6. rapid calculation of customs payments;
  7. assistance in preparation and signing of trade contracts and transactions.

The advantages of working with us:

  1. professional approach in servicing of customs clearance;
  2. experience with all types of customs regimes;
  3. quick solving of arising issues on carrying out customs procedures;
  4. timely and gradual informing the customers of the status of their order.

Experienced specialists will help to solve customs issues, taking into account your individual features, based on knowledge of the current legislation and legal framework of the State Customs Committee.

Entrusting us to provide complex services delivery of your cargo and customs clearance, you will have the opportunity to direct savings and focus on the development of your business!

Employees of the company “Karsula” have extensive experience in the field of transportation and customs clearance of goods. Therefore, they are always ready to help you in a prompt and timely customs clearance of transported goods. Qualitative and reliable services in customs clearance will allow the customers of the company “Karsula” to ensure prompt delivery of their goods directly to the recipient.

Electronic preliminary informing

The company «Karsula» renders services on preliminary informing of customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus. The use of these services will allow subjects of managing to reduce time costs, and accelerate the process of customs clearance of goods imported from Europe and the CIS in the Republic of Belarus.
The goods that cross the border using the EPI system, are processed by customs in a matter of priority.

Information required for the implementation of the EPI:

  1. the information about dispatcher;
  2. the information about recipient;
  3. the information about the driver and the vehicle;
  4. the information about the goods being transported.

Specialists of the company form this document and send it by mail to the authorized Customs Office of the Republic of Belarus, who takes a decision on granting a permission for the movement or fails with the indication of the reason.

After receiving permission by electronic preliminary information, the message is appropriated with a unique identification number, about which the experts of the company “Karsula” inform the driver before the arrival of a cargo and vehicles at the border customs terminal.

The advantages of using the services of electronic preliminary informing :

  1. you save time, at least 2 hours, for documental processing on the border crossing point of customs clearance;
  2. the receipt of a unique identification number means that the information provided is sufficient for the operations of customs control and your goods are not delayed at the border more than intended;
  3. a convenient procedure for noncash payments;
  4. all your expenses for customs clearance with the use of electronic preliminary informing will be reduced by 10 % from the level of expenses, which would have paid the driver by the way of cash settlement at the border.

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