Warehouse services

Warehousing and storage of cargoes – it is a complex of logistics operations, which provides the company “Karsula”. The complex includes all facilities, ranging from acceptance of a cargo and its address storage to the management and execution of orders, as well as tracking the movement of your cargo along the entire chain of logistics operations. Giving us a cargo on a storage, you not only save your time, but remain confident in its safety.

Cargo storage is one of the basic directions of activity of our company, therefore we keep all necessary rules on reception and shipments of goods, periodically carry out scheduled inventory of cargoes.

Professional staff of warehouses and good loading – unloading equipment allow us to provide warehouse services at a high level.

In its activity the company uses both its own warehouses and warehouses of our partners in Italy and Lithuania. All storehouses of the company “Karsula” are equipped with modern equipment, have a highly developed infrastructure with good access and a convenient stay for freight transport. The volume of the premises and the area of the territory allow us to store a large amount of cargoes. All cargo operations are carried out under a strict control of responsible employees of the warehouse.

Using our services you can be absolutely confident in the quality of services of warehouse storage of the company “Karsula”. Around the clock your cargo is in full security.

In warehouses we provide the following services:

  1. storage of cargoes, as intermediate and long-term;
  2. loading-unloading works
  3. measuring, weighting, photography, repacking of cargoes;
  4. maintaining of daily operational warehouse accounting;
  5. there is also a possibility of placing of large sized cargoes;
  6. customs clearance.

Reliability and quality of loading-unloading operations is due to mechanization of all stages with the help of the most modern technology. Nevertheless we try to take into account the individual needs of every our client, the specificity of the goods, what guarantees the safety of cargoes and convenience of communication with our clients.