Transportation of modular cargoes

“Karsula” carries out transportation of cargoes from Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Romania, The Czech Republic), Turkey, the countries of Scandinavia and the CIS (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine). All kinds of works in the company are made by the logistics specialists with the experience of work not less than 5 years. It allows to guarantee a high level of service and careful attitude to the cargoes of our clients.

We store cargoes as in our warehouses, and in warehouses of our partners in Italy and Lithuania. It allows consolidating and storing cargoes and then sending already full trucks with cargo, what greatly reduces your costs for transportation of goods. Warehouses for cargo are equipped with modern technology for implementation of loading – unloading works.

The company ”Karsula” guarantees full safety of a cargo and the effective organization of transport process at every stage, both inside and outside the country.

We offer:

  1. transportation and delivery of cargoes;
  2. marking of cargoes;
  3. conduct loading – unloading works;
  4. control of cargo transportation;
  5. providing full information about cargoes on the whole route;
  6. consulting on issues of organization and registration of cargo transportation.

In short time our specialists will process your request and offer you our version of delivery of a cargo, coordinating with you the cost and time of delivery.

At the time of delivery of your cargo we:

  1. get in touch with the sender and discuss the details associated with dispatch and receipt of the goods, as well as its qualitative and quantative characteristics;
  2. solve the problems of export registration and customs procedures;
  3. use information system of notification, when text messages, which describe actual changes of the status of goods, information on transport and expected date of delivery, are sent to the postal address of the customer.

Services of “Karsula” on delivery of modular cargoes:

  1. minimal terms of delivery;
  2. favorable rates;
  3. the possibility to choose different variants of delivery;
  4. high-quality service of international standard .